Whether you are a longtime, experienced concessionaire or new to the business, The Firewood Express offers you a unique vending opportunity with our firewood machine product line.  The Firewood Express vending products are the perfect alternative to traditional rack firewood sales.  With our durable automated enclosures, we make offering firewood for sale an easy expansion to your current concessionaire business. 

In addition to seeing your overall business sales increase, you will be offering a valuable service to parks, individual business owners, and outdoor event planners as you help them reduce their labor costs.  Our credit/debit card or coin vending firewood machine products eliminate the need to pay staff to sell firewood.

Our units guarantee dry firewood any time of year, no matter what the weather forecast states. Plus because our firewood machine units are fully automated, there is no risk of pilfered firewood resulting in shrinkage in our firewood bundles.  Your product inventory is never at risk.

The Firewood Express will help you increase your sales even more with add on products.  Watch your business grow with this firewood for sale vending opportunity!  Look at all of the benefits to investing in our vending products:

  • Increased profits through reduced labor costs and product shrinkage
  • Expanded selling hours – customers can purchase dry firewood any time
  • Easy to place the units close to usage areas for increased sales and exposure

Don’t wait!  This is a great vending opportunity for the experienced and novice concessionaire!

Call The Firewood Express at 321.750.6410 or complete our contact form and a representative will contact you shortly!